Design Your Own Gimme Clips Kits

After our Easter post, we realized we’d never highlighted our fabulous Design Your Own kits.  They come in a variety of colors and are just what every girl needs!  For some of our other color combo’s scroll down to our last post.

These are so fun because they come with 36 different pieces and require no special tools or talent!  You can design your own flower combination for a clip or headband.  Just stack & twist!  You can arrange the flower petals in any order you like and then add whatever middle to hold it all together.  Purchase all the different kits and colors & the possibilities are endless!

If you didn’t get these to put in your daughter’s Easter basket, these would be perfect party favors or even to be done as an activity at a slumber party.  These are available at Walgreen’s & Wal-Mart and are definitely a must have for every girl who loves crafts & being creative!

2 thoughts on “Design Your Own Gimme Clips Kits

  1. My daughters (9 and 14) each received a set as a gift. They love, love, love the Mix-n-Match accessory kit!!! They want to collect all 6 sets. Please keep creating more sets in this line.

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