It’s Raining Style!

They say April Showers bring May flowers … and although it’s currently raining cats and dogs outside – it’s raining style here at Gimme Clips and the forecast is lots of color & plenty of cuteness!

During the fall & winter seasons, our Gimme Wraps are especially popular.  But as things warm up be sure you grab some of our darling “Split Wraps.”  These cute headbands are crocheted and so very soft!  They are split into 3 separate sections in the middle that run over the top of the head to give such a pretty look.  Then you can tie the thicker ends under your hair at the nape of your neck.  These are perfect for tweens, teens and even you moms!

Our Split Wraps come in a variety of colors, but here’s just a few to give you an idea.  They also come with a stylish crocheted flower that you can clip on wherever you like.  Some of our flowers are two toned as well.

Whether you just buy one, or grab them all, these are a must have for your Spring & Summer accessories!  You can find all of these Split Wraps and more at

Also, we are preparing our clips for next year and would love your input.  We’ve got a survey we’d like you to take … it’ll only take about 30 seconds and it’s not hard!  It will let you choose which clips will be available in stores next year.  You just have to click on a few different clips that you like the best!  You can find our survey .  Your help is really appreciated!

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